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Brand design studio. We design Identity Systems, Brand / Corporate, Visual communications, Positioning strategies. We keep simplicity at the center of everything we create. Strategic solution goes ahead, leading to story-telling impressions and emotions. We create a visually comfortable environment for each project. A few simple principles make our work effective. They're quality, conciseness, emotion.

Part of the team are people who are ready to change the visual environment and are aware of the importance of every detail. People with their own characters, ambitions and plans. A common philosophy about simple and conscious work and life.

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Tyumen State University School of Education and Science is a unique educational environment for high school students, the main goal of which is to help students to deepen and systematize their knowledge, as well as promote their professional self-determination. The project offers educational programs developed by experienced teachers of Tyumen State University with free training. The school offers complete freedom of choice in determining the subject and the scope of study.

Naming / Brand Platform / Visual identity / Communication
Client: Distancium / Tyumen 2020

Asymmetrical and deformed placement of the set-top box shows flexibility and adaptability of the school, as well as informal approaches for these products.
The school's program is aimed at identifying highly motivated and talented children, creating conditions for their intellectual development, forming a positive life perspective, obtaining additional education, popularizing scientific knowledge, and nurturing and socialization.

Adaptive name and communication allows you to add new directions and projects, and thus have a virtually unlimited number of communications that can be used in the manufacture of merchandise.
Client: Distansium / Tyumen 2020
Design: Maria Bushueva
Strategy: Alexandr Nazarov