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Brand design studio. We design Identity Systems, Brand / Corporate, Visual communications, Positioning strategies. We keep simplicity at the center of everything we create. Strategic solution goes ahead, leading to story-telling impressions and emotions. We create a visually comfortable environment for each project. A few simple principles make our work effective. They're quality, conciseness, emotion.

Part of the team are people who are ready to change the visual environment and are aware of the importance of every detail. People with their own characters, ambitions and plans. A common philosophy about simple and conscious work and life.

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Fjörd seafood store
A chain of fish and seafood stores in Tyumen from a production with a 20-year history. Stores transmit a trend model of a local specialized store where you can get a wide assortment of seafood of the best quality at an affordable price. Shop owners want to make fish consumption a more affordable product, due to service, quality assortment and format.

Naming / Brand Platform / Visual identity / Packaging
Client: Era-98 / Tyumen 2019
We wanted to show the maturity and experience of the manufacturer, his commitment to tradition. Concise and calm, but at the same time confident character of the corporate identity corresponds to the old family shops in Europe and America. Calligraphic logo speaks of love for his work, attention to detail and years of experience. The wave swoosh shows that the company's activities are related to the marine theme.
Corporate identity is ascetic as Scandinavian people. Calm fill colors, classic fonts, neat calligraphy and light notes of modernity. The key image of the project is an engraving fjord dividing the sky and the ocean. To further convey the Scandinavian character, we use a typographic technique replacing the сyrillic letter O to Ø with a diagonal stroke.

The main message of the project communication is revealed by a simple game of words «Network full of fish», one sense tells about the network store as a form of implementation, and the second refers to the popular way of fishing.
We worked in parallel with interior designers and consulted a lot. Thanks to this, the interior design is aligned with the graphic design. The result is light shops with natural materials in the style of Scandinavian minimalism, which are a pleasure to be in.
Client: Era-98 / Tyumen 2019
Design: Dmitry Syrpin
Strategy: Alexandr Nazarov