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Brand design studio. We design Identity Systems, Brand / Corporate, Visual communications, Positioning strategies. We keep simplicity at the center of everything we create. Strategic solution goes ahead, leading to story-telling impressions and emotions. We create a visually comfortable environment for each project. A few simple principles make our work effective. They're quality, conciseness, emotion.

Part of the team are people who are ready to change the visual environment and are aware of the importance of every detail. People with their own characters, ambitions and plans. A common philosophy about simple and conscious work and life.

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Russia's major oil and gas forum
The Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum is the main industry forum of Russia, an annual business event of the international level, gathering more than 2000 experts, representatives of federal ministries and departments, top managers of companies leading the market.

Visual identity
Client: Bernstain / Tyumen region / 2016 - 2018
Includes a variety of work formats within the business program and the exhibition of innovative technologies and developments in the field of fuel and energy.
Client: Bernstain / Tyumen region / 2016 - 2018
Design: Sergei Parfenov, Alexandr Nazarov, Dmitry Syrpin
Brand platform: Sergei Parfenov