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Green way
Krasnaya Polyana sustainable development program.
As attention to the problem and support for the fight against climate change grows, we see that the thoughts of more and more people are directed towards a conscious attitude to natural resources, consumption, caring for animals, their own body, and humanism. In order to direct the consciousness of these people, as well as to form an idea about this problem, the program of sustainable development and reduction of environmental impact in Krasnaya Polyana comes to the rescue.

Naming / Brand Platform / Visual identity / Communication
Client: Krasnaya Polyana / Esto-Sadok 2021
We do not say what to do, we do not oblige and do not give ready-made instructions, but we can direct, tell and provide a resource for the formation of new thinking. And we also give the opportunity to try to gain new experience in the real environment of the resort, which can become the beginning for big changes within each person, business, project,

Client: Krasnaya Polyana / Esto-Sadok 2021
Design: Maria Bushueva
Strategy: Alexandr Nazarov