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Ships & Arts
Shipping Counting House (Kontora Parohodstva) is a modern form of public space in Tyumen, an event platform that combines the functions of a cultural, educational center, gallery and cafe. Point of attraction for residents and visitors. A place of communication, the creation of new ideas and the unification of people in creative professions. A platform for personal development and a place for the implementation of modern projects of federal and regional scale.

Brand Platform / Visual identity / Communication
Client: Kontora Parohodstva / Tyumen / 2019
The identity of the project is based on a system of signal flags. Ribbons from flags were hung on ships thus transmitting messages and indicating their own identification.For the project, we developed our own display font. Each character shows its own personality and is always ossified with the counting house.
Client: Kontora Parohodstva /
Tyumen / 2019
Design: Dmitry Syrpin
Font: Dmitry Syrpin
Strategy: Alexandr Nazarov