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RussiaDiscovery is a Russian tour operator that has been promoting domestic tourism for 16 years. The company has more than 150 routes throughout Russia: Kamchatka, Altai, Baikal, Putorana Plateau, the Caucasus and other destinations. UNESCO heritage sites, mountains, rivers and lakes where you can meet polar bears, see whales, catch the northern lights and witness a volcanic eruption. We updated the corporate identity to coincide with the site update, made a more modern and digital image, literally built on the slogan «Opening Russia».

Brand Platform / Visual identity / Communication
Moscow / 2021
The corporate identity is based on the idea of literally «Оpening Russia», turning the page, peeling off the sticker. We associate the slogan «discover Russia» with ourselves, with the desire to know the world around us and our capabilities. Hence the continuation of the phrase «Open Russia — Open yourself». We added flat modern colors and bold typography to show the huge country in all its diversity. We developed a variety of media, branded merchandise and design of transport and tourist stops.
A collection of branded clothing and souvenirs will remain a pleasant memory from the trip. Oversized hoodies, t-shirts with nature and typography prints, useful buffs, warm hats and jackets will be useful both on a trip and in the city.
Corporate identity is organically integrated into the web environment of social networks, applications and websites , increasing the emotional interaction with users.
On the trip, people are expected by branded cars, tents, towels and accessories, zones welcoming tourists with branded flags. Therefore, people feel a professional approach, comfort and safety while traveling.
Client: RussiaDiscovery / Moscow 2021
Design: Dmitry Syrpin
Strategy: Alexandr Nazarov